Now and Forever Lyrics

One perfect pebble
Just one humble stone
But oh, what a stone can do
It means that I have one love forever
And one love alone
A now and forever with you

Now and forever
I'll show her I care
I'll find her the rarest stone
And maybe if the pebble is perfect
She'll tell me right there
She's now and forever my own

Now and forever
We'll do like birds do
We'll cuddle and coo and kiss
We'll have a little world where
Whatever we dream of comes true
A now and forever in bliss

I will know when, Gwen
'Cause it's not the pebble, it's the penguin
Now and forever
His heart will be true
That's how I'll know who he is
No matter if his pebble is clever
Or borrowed or blue
I'll now and forever be his

Do you take this pebble?

Now and forever

Do you take this penguin?

Now and forever

Do you?

I do

We will grow old together
Cozy in cold together
We'll try our best together
Further our nest together
We'll be a pair forever
Learning to share forever

It's now and forever
And ever and ever
It's now and forever
And ever and ever

Now and forever
As sure as the snow
As long as the ocean roars
I'll love you in a way that
I'll never begin to outgrow
I'll now and forever be yours


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