Freestyle Chinese Rap Lyrics

Who wants to taste my general tso?
You want a piece of my general tso
Im-a give it to you now,
Who like my chopstick hit you in the shit
Wit my little as dick, yellow
If you wanna see me, eat Jell-O
I've never seen nothin' like you before,
I can kick you, higher than you can kick me,
I can kick you way up into a tree
Who wants a taste of my oo-long tea?
Ho-ha-ho-ha-ho chi chi,
Everybody in the phone book named Chang,
Wanna see my wang?
And have a good go and hit the gong with a bang
Everybody wanna see me throw a fireball,
But that's not right
Not in real life you'll fall,
Down and break your leg,
Everybody wanna see me break a leg,
Well I don't, but I like fried rice,
And I ain't got lice,
Ching chow whoa ching wang woo wice,
That ain't nice,
For fortune cookie, I always touch it twice
Delivery's free, but not from me,
I always charge a dolla-fifty, fifty-five
Wanna see me GO GA?
Hit you with the lang, HII-YA!
War when I hit you with the shit
Do a split take a shit
After you eat my shit Kung-Fu,
Want my buffet? You fucking gay, Ah
Wai-lo hit you with the hay,
Stay the fuck away,
Hit you in the balls,
Only Americans eat duck sauce,
And my soy sauce is for you,
I can put it in your chew,
Watch this, I can tiptoe while you take a piss
In my bathroom spy on you
While your little boy shits, Waiiiii-YA!
I can kick you if you don't pay the bill,
And if you want a little mint
That's fifty-cent, BITCH
Everything costs a little bit,
So don't expect nothin' for free
At least from me Ching Chang Chewie
I got you from Taiwan city,
And Hong Kong I can smoke a bong
And I can do it all night long,
So don't mistake me for a Viet Cong,
I can get you,
And tackle you take you never see me
When I get you and make you
Rope you up, and put you in a bamboo cage
And make you feel all my rage
Poke you with a little stick
'Til you page your buddies to come Napalm me,
God damn that shit burned blew away
My whole city, Ho-Chi-Mihn,
Shoot a load on your chin
God damn that's a sad goygo goodbye
And if you wanna come on in
You can work into my world where
The yellow shit begins,
Can't be tamed,
I got shit to control your brain and it's called
Egg-Foo-Young, and Lo-mein
So come on in baby and have it just the same
No wok tow ung di day
HA, I don't suppose, ha haha Huh?
huhhhuhu huh?

Who wants to taste my general tso?
You want a piece of my general tso
Im-a give it to you now,