Otome No Policy (The Maiden's Policy) Lyrics

Ending theme for R, first 2 episodes of Super

No matter what kind of trouble you are in, don't you give up
That's the policy of maidens
For the sake of the man you will meet,
Keep your face up and jump into it.

In that heart in pain,
the love is awakening.

* There's nothing to be scared about
It's better to be cheerful.
You've got big dream.
So, stay sharp.

There're lots of troubles lying ahead
But that's also the chance to start flying gracefully
Everybody's beautiful when they're serious.
Have confidence and clear one by one.

The unknown power that lies within
It'll pour out someday

You wanna be somebody.
It's better to give your best shot
Sometimes, tears are around.
So, stay sharp.

* repeat

Played in episodes 47-91

Ending theme for R, first 2 episodes of Super

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