Dominic The Donkey Lyrics

Dominick The Donkey
by Lou Monte
(Chorus):Hey! Chingedy ching,hee haw hee haw
It's Dominick the Donkey.
chingedy ching, hee haw hee haw.
The Italian Christmas Donkey.
Lalalalalalalalala. lalalalalalalaeohda

Santa's got a little friend his name is Dominick.
The cutest little donkey, you never see him kick.
When Santa vists his Paesans with Dominick he'll be.
Because the reindeer cannot climb the hills of Italy.


Jingle Bells around his feet and presents on the sled.
Hey look at the mayor's derby, on top of Dominicks head.
A pair of shoes for Louie and a dress for Josephine.
The label on the inside says they're made in Brooklyn.


Children sing and clap their hands and Dominick starts ta dance.
Dey talk Italian to him and he even understands
Gumbaros and gumbaras da de dance a dallodale
When Zepilagola comes to town and brings oh chu-cha-lil


Hey Dominick Bouna Natale
hee haw hee haw

Dominick The Donkey
by Lou Monte

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