Ludo Mlado Lyrics

Ludo Mlado

Ludo mlodo sun zasunilo,
na ruchica - bela momina,
a moma se chudo-chudi
milo i e da go bugi
drago i e da go gleda.

Pa mu rekla
"Sum te galila,
stavai ludo, che e ranina
milno mi e da te buda
ala sunche veshe idwa
ala slunge shte ni widi."

Ludo mlado progoworilo:
"Kak da stana malka mome le
kak da stana, milo libe
kato niamam veche sila
kato ti si y izspila."

Madly young have a dream
Of the little arm while lass
lass surprise, surprise
sweetly wake up him
pleased her to look him

She say him I`m to grieve
stand up, that is early dawn
Sweetly in me to the wake up
but the sun already coming
but sun will to see us

Madly young begin to speak
How to the wake up little less
How to the wake up dear less
As not have already power
As you emaciate

Ludo Mlado

Ludo mlodo sun zasunilo,

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